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Reservations that cancel less than a week before the scheduled date will be charged a 25% fee. We have many groups requesting dates all the time and any changes, barring weather related circumstances, significantly disrupt our operations. Weather related rescheduling/cancellations will not be charged any fee.

Below is a request form for booking an adventure at the Four Mounds Ropes Course. Please keep in mind that the Ropes Course is designed for group experiences, and that cost per person goes down as groups get larger.

We cannot promise the date and block of time you request will be available, but we will work our hardest to cooperate and find something that works for everyone.

It is best to request a number of possible dates to increase chances of availability. We also recommend that groups join us for 2-4 hours for just Lows; 2-4 hours for just Highs; and 4-6 hours for a combination of the two. The Ropes Course can be physically exhausting or quite relaxing depending on participants’ desired level of engagement.

Quotes are based on group size and length of time on the course.

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