Equipped with over 15 diverse elements—ranging from a zipline and giant swing to three unique rock climbing walls, and much more—the High Ropes Course challenges participants to push themselves to the next level in a safe, controlled environment. On the surface, many of these activities may appear impossible to accomplish, but our instructors are trained to guide you to do exactly that. While still incorporating key teambuilding concepts, the High Ropes Course is also a great way to challenge the individual to new personal heights. Below is a detailed list of our High Ropes Elements:

Giants Swing
Dare yourself to go high, and trust your teammates to pull you anywhere from 8 feet to 40+ feet off the ground. When ready, pull the ripcord and take a massive swing through the woods. Join friends and family to do wild stunts, even flipping upside down

Rock Climbing Tower
There is something serene about practicing your rock climbing skills in a forest. Our 3-sided tower offers 9 potential routes that vary in difficulty. The tower includes a chimney, an overhang, and of course flat walls for basic climbing and repelling. Peak your ascent at over 50 feet above the ground.

Bosuns Chairs (AKA The Swings)
While standing on swings, use your own body as momentum to move far enough to grab the next swing. Accomplish this feat at over 40 feet in the air.

Swinging Log
One of our basics, but one of our classics. Walk across this huge swinging log, ideally without holding your belay rope, at approximately 30 feet in the air.

Cargo Net and Two-Line Bridge
Right next to the Swinging Log is a Two-Line cable Bridge, with a large Cargo Net draping all the way to the ground. Either climb the ladder or climb the Cargo Net and walk on one cable while holding the other—this combination of elements can also directly connect to a ride down the Zipline.

Leap of Faith
Just jump! Climb to a platform over 25 feet from the ground, only to jump out and grab a bandana suspended in the air. This element is very psychologically challenging, and usually recommended only for people who have visited the Ropes Course at least once before.

Giants Ladder
The Giant’s Ladder is one of our more advanced elements, and incorporates many of the teambuilding elements of the Lows but at a whole different level. Dangle by yourself or with a partner, and climb to the top rung!

Launch yourself from a platform 30 feet in the air, and fly through the forest down our classic style zipline.

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