Teambuilding comes most into play during a journey on the Low Ropes Course. Teammates solve over 12 obstacles—big puzzles in the woods—using their minds and putting faith in their team. While the pace on the High Ropes is exciting, the mood for the Low Ropes is calmer—favoring brain over brawn. Interact and get to know your team better while accomplishing fun and thought-provoking tasks. Experience tried and tested methods for growing a team-centered environment, and be a part of new innovative methods for the future. During a very hands-on Ropes Course experience, you will watch teambuilding metaphors become reality. Overcome these Low Ropes Elements:

These are just a portion of the vast and diverse elements that create the Four Mounds Low Ropes Course. Other Low Ropes elements include Prouty’s Landing, the Maze, and much more.



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